Our COVID Care Program

The past few weeks have been unprecedented and uncertain for us all. Above all else, we hope you and your loved ones, staff, and families are safe and healthy.

As a company, our #1 priority is to ensure every early education provider comes out of the COVID-19 crisis as strong as possible. To that end, we’ve launched our COVID Care Program for every brightwheel Premium customer. It includes:

Resources and support from industry experts and our community

We’re committed to helping you work through challenges and hard decisions. Every week in our COVID-19 Resource Center, we’ll share resources addressing providers’ top questions – like how the $2 trillion CARES Act can help your center, or how others are handling tuition during closures. We are also hosting webinars with industry experts and town halls where you can hear from other providers like you. Tell us what questions you have and we will do our best to get them answered.

Reduced fees for centers facing financial hardship

If your center is experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19, please reach out here to learn how we can support you with reduced brightwheel fees. You will still maintain full access to the brightwheel platform. What matters to us is that you come out of this strong. We’re with you every step of the way.

Product solutions to manage through the crisis

We have adjusted our product development to help in these unique times. We launched a new distance learning product to enable you to easily share lessons with parents at home, and recently sent example lessons for you to use. Many providers are using our messaging and newsletters to streamline communications, and our billing system to adapt payment schedules and apply discounts. Please let us know what updates or new features would be most helpful for you. 

We’re in this together. Our team is motivated by the stories we hear from you, and proud that brightwheel is able to help in ways big and small. We are in awe of your perseverance and indebted to you for the incredible service you provide to your communities. Thank you.