Toddler daily reports

Rethink your workflow, strengthen the home center connection.


Toddler daily reports are a necessity for any early childhood program, but keeping accurate, detailed information can be a time-consuming challenge.

The standard practice of handwriting 20 or more daily reports and distributing each afternoon is a lot to keep up with during a busy day.

Enter brightwheel, an easy-to-use digital solution that will save your staff time each day, and a more efficient and scalable way to keep parents informed and happy.

Record the day-to-day

Use brightwheel’s activity tracking tool to record each day’s happenings.


Track food, naps, diapers/bathroom visits, classroom activities, observations, incidents, and much more.


With a few taps or voice-activated entries, the day’s events become part of each child’s private daily feed.

Streamline your workflow

Choose from a pre-loaded and customizable menu of choices when recording daily events.


Quicker and more accurate than manually recording activities on paper daily sheets.


The option to record events for groups of children rather than individually further speeds up this process.

Automate reports

Recorded activities populate in real time to create a child’s personal, private daily feed.


Parents can follow along with the day’s happenings from any device, and receive optional notifications.


At the end of each day, a summary report is emailed to parents, eliminating the need for paper daily sheets.

Additional functionality

Brightwheel is a full suite of tools to run your early childhood program, including:

Digital check-in

Automate attendance with secure, fast check-in and real-time child to staff ratio tracking.

Tuition collection

Improve your billing workflow with flexible options for direct deposit, credit cards, and autopay.


Generate custom reports for licensing and tracking purposes, including absences, immunizations, allergies and more.


Stay in touch with families via messages, alerts, reminders, push notifications, and calendar events.

Student and staff profiles

Maintain up-to-date child and staff directories with contact details and important information.

Lesson planning

Plan activities in accordance with pre-loaded state learning standards and track developmental progress against them.


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