Aim And Focus Karate

Aim And Focus Karate

8516 Anderson Mill Rd # 100 Austin, TX


Ages served

5 yrs - 13 yrs


12pm - 9pm


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Program details

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About Aim And Focus Karate

Aim And Focus Karate welcomes the students and families of Austin to its center-based early child care and education facility. As a center, Aim And Focus Karate resembles the best of what students will get in the years ahead in structured schooling while maintaining the close community and relationships that’re instrumental in early childhood development. Attending a center benefits students as students will spend their days in a structured, stable environment that hones spatial, vocabulary and other skills with enriching curriculums and activities. Aim And Focus Karate has a part-time schedule, as well, perfect for parents that want the flexibility to be away from their little ones for awhile but don’t need a full-time day just yet. Students will get used to the structured learning environment, with all the peer play & social exploration that comes with that, but don’t yet need to adjust to long days away from parents. The part-time program at Aim And Focus Karate sets students up for success in the years ahead. Aim And Focus Karate teaches a play-based curriculum that values self-directed, interactive, intuitive learning by and for children. Students at play-based schools get the opportunity to participate in theme-based, hands-on activities with staff that facilitate and direct the discovery process. Through these hands-on activities, students develop social, cognitive and emotional skills built through the cooperation process with their peers. A play-based approach also can spark a love of learning that will be foundational for students throughout their early years of formal school.

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