23 Top Houston Preschools for 2023

written by Brightwheel | December 21, 2022

Kickstart your search process with some of the top-rated preschools in Houston, TX

When it comes to our kids, sometimes it takes a village -- and today, we hope to become a part of yours. Our team of parents read through 2,182 Houston preschool reviews, so that you don’t have to. 

With over 2,300 early education providers in the Houston area, it’s sometimes hard to figure out which one is the best preschool for your child. And, there’s no one-size-fits-all list that works for everyone. 

As we read through thousands of reviews together, one core thing stood out: there are so many amazing preschools, teachers, and staff in Houston that genuinely care about their children. They go above and beyond to provide kids with high-quality preparation for elementary school -- and life in general. So many of these reviews just melted our hearts. 

Consider this guide a starting point. We couldn’t feature every top preschool in and around Houston, but below are some of the most highly-rated preschools based on parent reviews across the web. 

If you have any questions before you dive into specific schools, check out our Common Preschool Questions section below. 

Ok, let’s do this! 

2023 Most ‘Outdoorsy’ badge for Blossom Heights in Houston

Blossom Heights

Parent Reviews

If you’re tired of your kids staring at their screens, Blossom Heights Child Development Center might be your answer. The school’s philosophy is that “nature is the best environment,” and students and parents alike seem to love it. Kids spend more than 2 hours outside every day — weather permitting — where they paint, read, play, build, and learn. It isn’t one big playground, either: reviews mention how each age and development level has its own “classroom area” outdoors for unique activities and curricula.

Program Highlights

Founded in 2010, Blossom Heights specializes in learning through play. The preschool curriculum includes subjects such as math, science, music, art, literacy development, and motor skills. Special emphasis is given to emotional and social development so that the kids develop these critical skills that will enable them to be successful later in life. While attending the program, the children have access to a plethora of educational resources and materials, and additionally, the teacher-guided lessons include frequent outdoor activities. The school offers flexible schedules with classes running two, three, or five days per week.

2023 Most ‘Thoughtful’ badge for First Friends in Houston

First Friends

Parent Reviews

Parents who’ve signed their kids up for First Friends praise the loving teachers, their small class sizes, and their high teacher-to-student ratio. Multiple parents talked about how the director of the school is always at the door during drop off and pick up, greeting parents and students alike every day. Speaking of parents: First Friends offers a “Mom’s Day Out” program (MDO) that local parents love. In their reviews, folks are excited that their MDO isn’t just a couple of hours of daycare — it has an actual curriculum.

Program Highlights

First Friends, a Lutheran faith-based preschool, features small class sizes, a monthly chapel service, and individual goal setting. The teachers are all certified and are able to give a lot of individual attention to the students. The preschool program runs two days per week and includes lessons in literature, science, math, phonics, motor skills, and everyday life. Special emphasis is put on group play, outdoor play, and language skills. First Friends ensures smaller student-teacher ratios by capping classes to a maximum of 10 kids.

2023 Most ‘Don't Want to Leave’ badge for The Oaks Preschool in Houston

The Oaks Preschool

Parent Reviews

The Oaks Preschool wins our “Don’t Want to Leave” award because parents are raving about how excited their kids are to attend school every morning. Phrases like “unbelievably happy” are fairly common in reviews of The Oaks Preschool. Kids seem to love their wide assortment of classes, which include soccer and dance, while parents rave about how good communication is between parents and teachers. For example, teachers send daily updates through an app, which usually includes photos of the children’s activities throughout the day.

Program Highlights

First opened in 2017, The Oaks Preschool offers a number of flexible schedules, including a two-day, three-day, and five-day option. Normal school days run from 8:15 AM until 3:30 PM, but extended days are also available, which run until 5:30 PM. The curriculum is heavily focused on creativity, learning through play, and faith. A heavy emphasis is put on learning about scripture, biblical songs, and bible stories. Additionally, the school focuses on emotional, social, and cognitive development.

2023 Most ‘Like Family’ badge for Little Blooms Academy in Houston

Little Blooms Academy

Parent Reviews

Little Blooms Academy’s Owner and Director, Mrs. Marie, comes up frequently in reviews and is hailed as a genuine and loving steward of the children and staff here. Many parents find that leaving their kids with Mrs. Marie and her teachers feels no different than dropping them off with family. Little Blooms is also frequently lauded in reviews for its responsiveness, quality, and professionalism. Lastly, families felt safe during COVID because of Little Blooms’ robust precautionary measures during the pandemic.

Program Highlights

Little Blooms Academy is a family-run full-time daycare / preschool that focuses on hands-on learning. The children will learn math, language, reading, geography, fine motor skills, and physical and social skills that will prepare them for kindergarten. Group activities include obstacle courses and music and movement lessons. The extended daily schedule runs from Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The school features a nice outdoor play area, and all of the kids’ meals are included at no additional cost. Little Blooms also features a Spanish dual-language class. 

2023 Most ‘Enriching’ badge for Heights Garden Montessori in Houston

Heights Garden Montessori

Parent Reviews

Heights Garden Montessori’s reviews are positively glowing in all categories, but the central theme among parents seems to be how well children thrive here. Like most Montessori schools, they build on the child’s strengths by letting them follow their curiosities and interests. Parents also loved how Heights Garden helped their children grow creatively, socially, and emotionally with activities like yoga, martial arts, dance, and Spanish. Lastly, their “huge playground” was brought up positively often, where children were given plenty of time to play outside.

Program Highlights

The primary program at Heights Garden Montessori caters to each child's unique individual needs. The curriculum focuses on math, reading skills, science, art, and music, with particular emphasis being given to language comprehension and sensory recognition. Problem-solving and critical thinking are the cornerstones of the program, and kids will learn these vital skills so that they are prepared for the years of study ahead. The school has enhanced health and safety protocols in place, including daily temperature checks of the children as well as increased sanitation schedules.

2023 Most ‘Multicultural’ badge for Great Little Minds in Houston

Great Little Minds

Parent Reviews

So many reviews of Great Little Minds Academy praise the school’s Spanish immersion approach. The school touts its “dual-language curriculum,” which is backed by results: one mom said her 18-month-old became fluent in Spanish and English not long after signing up. On top of this bilingual education, parents celebrated the teachers for their sweet demeanor. Parents also often cite director/owner Karen and the attentive, loving, nurturing environment she’s crafted for their kids. Parents applauded Great Little Minds for posting worksheets, story-time videos, and other activities right on their Facebook page to keep children engaged even at home.

Program Highlights

Great Little Minds Academy is a dual language (English/Spanish) immersion preschool. Core subjects taught at the preschool level include literature, writing, social skills, motor skills, cognitive learning exercises, and research skills. Traditional subjects, such as science, math, engineering, art, and technology, are taught as well. The school guarantees a 1:7 ratio of instructors to students so that each child will get the individual attention they need to thrive. The staff is trained in-house and receives continuous development so that they can give the very best care to each student.

2023 Most ‘Foundational’ badge for Park Point Montessori in Houston

Park Point Montessori

Parent Reviews

For parents who want to instill practical life skills alongside academic skills, Park Point Montessori is an absolute necessity, according to reviews. Parents credit their children’s academic success and high test scores to Park Point’s imaginative teachers and nurturing environment, which produces “confident, friendly children.” Parents also frequently mention the transition class for 2–3-year-olds, which helps the youngest kids learn how to succeed and thrive in a school environment they may not be used to.

Program Highlights

First opened in 2000, Park Point Montessori has been educating preschoolers for over 20 years now and has built a reputation as being one of the best Montessori preschools in Houston, TX. The curriculum includes subjects such as math, science, art, language, history, zoology, music, reading, writing, and much more. A number of extracurricular programs are included in the cost of tuition, including yoga, Spanish, and physical education. 

2023 Most ‘Balanced’ badge for Blooming Daisies in Houston

Blooming Daisies

Parent Reviews

The philosophy at Blooming Daisies Learning Center seems to be that a balanced child grows into a well-rounded adult. According to parent reviews, this school helps their children build character and tackle their next stage of development. One mom adored how the infant room wasn’t just a daycare space but actually had a specific developmental regimen to help babies grow. Blooming Daisies was also credited for its immaculate facilities, where staff clean and sterilize surfaces multiple times per day. Add to that a chef who actually cooks the food for the kids and handy late-night hours, and you’ve found a preschool that can fit most needs.

Program Highlights

Blooming Daisies is open later than any other preschool in Houston, with classes running from 6:00 AM until 11:00 PM Monday through Friday, and a shorter day on Saturdays from 8 AM to 5 PM. The dedicated staff help kids learn reading and literary development skills, such as writing. Much emphasis is put on collaboration and learning through cooperation with others, making the school an ideal place for kids to learn vital life skills such as the importance of sharing, expressing themselves verbally, and drawing with basic imagery and symbols.

2023 Most ‘Nurturing’ badge for Kathy’s Kiddie Corner in Houston

Kathy’s Kiddie Corner

Parent Reviews

The reviews of Kathy’s Kiddie Corner couldn’t be clearer: this preschool creates a warm, loving, attentive environment that makes kids feel safe. There’s a common through-line in these reviews — shy kids, introverted kids, kids with medical conditions, and children with special needs feel at home at Kathy’s Kiddie Corner. Their arts and crafts programs and holiday shows are brought up often, with even the most unsure kids flourishing in these activities. Lastly, parents praise the high level of communication with teachers, who frequently send text and photo updates and are happy to answer questions all throughout the day.

Program Highlights

The adventurers preschool program at Kathy’s Kiddie Corner preschool offers a creative curriculum that focuses on hands-on learning. Parent engagement is a large part of the program, with daily live updates being offered by teachers. All of the children’s nutritious meals and snacks are included in the cost of tuition, and bus services are also available, with pickup and drop-off being offered by the school. Also worth noting is that the preschool accepts the NCI Texas Childcare Subsidy.

2023 Most ‘Exciting’ badge for Grace School in Houston

Grace School

Parent Reviews

The Grace School in Houston combines a faith-based and STEM curriculum that parents are delighted by. In their overwhelmingly positive reviews of this school, parents often specify how nourishing Grace School is for their children’s minds and spirits. They credit this exciting growth to a dynamic curriculum, leadership programs for students, and regular character-building exercises. Many parents talk about how stimulated their children are by their academically rigorous curriculum that emphasizes problem-solving. If you want your child exposed to STEM concepts as early as possible, Grace School is hard to beat.

Program Highlights

For more than 13 years, Grace School has been providing preschoolers with a solid foundation to build their future academic success. The curriculum includes subjects such as math, language, music, communication skills, and motor skills. The hands-on lessons focus on learning through play and the importance of collaboration, engagement, and conversation. The lessons are faith-based, and the program features a weekly chapel session that allows the children to explore Christian themes and ideas. STEM activities are also included in the preschool curriculum. 

More top-rated preschools near you

Depending on where in the Houston metro area you’re searching, here are some more of the highest-rated preschools by neighborhood:

Common preschool questions

The first time we had to find preschools for our kids, we had so many questions -- like so many. But don’t worry, we have your back. Here are the core questions that our team pulled together and researched. If there are any others, just reach out and we’ll be happy to help. You can shoot a message over to parents@mybrightwheel.com

When do kids start preschool in Houston?

Most preschools start accepting kids around the age of 2.5 to 3 years old, but since every child is different, this isn’t a magic number. Preschool readiness really depends more on developmental factors than chronological age. Read more in our post here.

What's the difference between preschool and pre-kindergarten?

Preschool programs are generally for children between the ages of 3 to 5 years old. Pre-kindergarten is for the higher end of that range, usually for children 4 to 5 years old. Pre-kindergarten is generally timed for the school year directly prior to when the child would enroll in kindergarten. Many pre-kindergartens are also usually attached to elementary schools, so families have a smooth transition to enroll in kindergarten the next year.

Is pre-k mandatory in Houston?

No. Preschool, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten are not mandatory in Texas. You can read more from the Texas Education Agency here.

What are my public school options for early education in Houston?

The Houston Independent School District (ISD) offers free, full-day pre-kindergarten to eligible 3 and 4 years olds across 166 elementary school locations in Houston. Preference for available slots is first given to 4 year olds. You can check out the eligibility criteria here for the free program. If you do not qualify for free pre-k, there is also a tuition-based option at these same schools. If all eligible students are enrolled, and slots remain open, you can apply for a tuition-based spot. The program costs $630.56 per month, for 9 months. You can see more FAQs on tuition-based options here.

What sort of license should I look for at a preschool in Houston?

Houston preschools are required to hold a child care license and are regulated by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. You can search for a school's license on the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services's website and see full inspections and reports from the last five years. There are some exemptions from a full child care license; faith-based preschools are notably exempt, as are preschools attached to a greater public or private elementary school (which are regulated via the school's school age license).

How can I get my family financial assistance for child care in Houston?

Paying for child care is expensive, and Houston does provide options for families to receive financial assistance for care. In Harris County, aid is provided by Workforce Solutions, in partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission. You can check your eligibility and see instructions for applying for aid here. Financial assistance is subject to the program's current funds, so exact benefit is hard to calculate in advance, but qualified families are encouraged to apply to get details on what assistance they can receive.