Andrews Eac YMCA

Andrews Eac YMCA

6801 Northeast Dr Austin, TX

Preschools, Center

Ages served

2 yrs - 11 yrs


2pm - 6:30pm


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Program details

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About Andrews Eac YMCA

Andrews Eac YMCA is a center-based child care and early education facility serving the students and families of Austin! As a center, Andrews Eac YMCA provides a school-like learning and enrichment environment that gives students a taste of what they’ll experience at more formal school in the years to come. Students at Andrews Eac YMCA are provided the socialization opportunities that come with peers of similar ages, the enrichment opportunities that come with a center’s resources and structure, and the community that comes with experienced staff. A part-time schedule at Andrews Eac YMCA moreover gives parents in Austin the freedom and flexibility to be with their child for part of the day yet also get their child professional educational development for the rest. Students with part-time schedules at Andrews Eac YMCA have the benefits of socializing, bonding, playing and interacting with each other and also getting to know staff. This will help students make the transition to a full-time day whenever that comes for them!

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