Cornerstone Mothers Day Out

Cornerstone Mothers Day Out

5703 Mcneil Dr Austin, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

12 mos - 13 yrs


9:30am - 2:30pm


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About Cornerstone Mothers Day Out

Cornerstone Mothers Day Out is a center-based child care and early education facility serving the students and families of Austin! As a center, Cornerstone Mothers Day Out provides a school-like learning and enrichment environment that gives students a taste of what they’ll experience at more formal school in the years to come. Students at Cornerstone Mothers Day Out are provided the socialization opportunities that come with peers of similar ages, the enrichment opportunities that come with a center’s resources and structure, and the community that comes with experienced staff. The benefit of a full-time schedule for children, too, can be dramatic! In a structured, repeated learning environment, students will play with the same peers, get familiar with the same staff and experience something new every day. The full-time schedule at Cornerstone Mothers Day Out offers families these things for their children in an environment that’ll soon become a real community. Parents get the advantages of long blocks of time to work while students will grow their social, behavioral and cognitive skills. Cornerstone Mothers Day Out offers an arts-based curriculum emphasizing the creation process to help develop creative, artistic, motor and cognitive skills for students. Arts-based schools like Cornerstone Mothers Day Out value the artistic process over the end product, giving students a wide variety of mediums and techniques to explore and later admire their creations. Staff focus on developing the whole child, facilitating the learning process from initial curiosity to the emotional satisfaction that comes with making and finishing art.

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