Katie's Place

Katie's Place

15408 Scarlet St Austin, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 13 yrs


6:30am - 6:30pm


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Program details

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About Katie's Place

For the parents, families and students of Austin, Katie's Place offers center-based early care and education that’ll both care for students and their needs now and prepare them for the years ahead! Katie's Place’s center-based environment enables a strong and structured learning culture, with the enriching curriculum and activities for students that stimulate the brain and their curiosity. Students will benefit from the socialization opportunities that come from interacting with peers of similar ages and non-family adults that’re professionals in the early education space. Katie's Place similarly offers a full-time early education and child care program. The full-time schedule at Katie's Place allows students to have plenty of time to bond, play and interact with fellow students and staff and allows Austin parents the large time blocks to get things done. Children have the advantage of getting used to and settling into a routine at Katie's Place, with the structure that’ll help support their development and prepare them for kindergarten and the years ahead. Katie's Place also offers a mixed-age classroom and curriculum which emphasizes open-ended, tactile activities that allow children to explore however that learning activity makes the most sense to them. Mixed-age classrooms like at Katie's Place encourage peer learning, asking help from each other and reinforce a sense of empathy for one’s peers. Older students will learn leadership skills and younger students have the advantage of joining a classroom that already has the building blocks of community.

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