Little Rascals Daycare

Little Rascals Daycare

1006 E Yager Ln Ste 101 Austin, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 13 yrs




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About Little Rascals Daycare

Little Rascals Daycare proffers early care and education programs in a center setting in Austin. As a center, Little Rascals Daycare provides a structured, stable environment day in and day out that parents can count on. This school-like learning arena at Little Rascals Daycare can help prepare students for formal school but also make the most of today, with all the resources and opportunities to explore the world around them and the peer set that provides abundant socialization opportunities. The benefit of a full-time schedule for children, too, can be dramatic! In a structured, repeated learning environment, students will play with the same peers, get familiar with the same staff and experience something new every day. The full-time schedule at Little Rascals Daycare offers families these things for their children in an environment that’ll soon become a real community. Parents get the advantages of long blocks of time to work while students will grow their social, behavioral and cognitive skills. Students at Little Rascals Daycare also experience a Little Goose curriculum that teaches activities that introduce children to the everyday materials found in and around their daily environment. Little Goose drives children to discover and explore, without restraint, and teaches the love of learning through interacting with the world around them. Little Goose focuses on sensory experiences, like music, art and stories, and is designed to help prepare toddlers for their upcoming transition to preschool and more structure learning time.

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