Lupine Lane

Lupine Lane

1001 Highlands Blvd Austin, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

12 mos - 13 yrs


7:30am - 6pm


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Program details

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About Lupine Lane

Lupine Lane offers early childhood care and education in a center-based facility in Austin. Students and families at Lupine Lane will get the best of a school-like environment that both provides the structure and stability for learning to flourish and the soft introduction for students to formal school in the years to come. As a center, Lupine Lane also has the space, resources and opportunities for enrichment and educational activities alongside the empathetic and caring relationships that will benefit students for years ahead. Additionally, with convenient part-time care Lupine Lane just works for Austin parents. The part-time schedule gives parents the best of both worlds with the ability to have care when they need it but also have their little one in tow when they want adventures together. Children get the benefit of seeing the same faces at Lupine Lane day in and day out, forming real bonds and friendships, without yet tackling those full-time schedules that will mark their futures!

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