Purple Sage Elem Pre-K

Purple Sage Elem Pre-K

11801 Tanglebriar Trl Austin, TX

Preschools, Center

Ages served

3 yrs - 11 yrs




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About Purple Sage Elem Pre-K

Pre-kindergarten has been consistently shown to set a strong foundation for early learners and the public pre-k program at Purple Sage Elem Pre-K might just be the right choice for you and your family. Pre-kindergarten programs like at Purple Sage Elem Pre-K are hosted in a school-like environment, often on the same campus as students can later attend kindergarten, and emphasize development of core skills and readiness for the years ahead. Students at pre-ks will an enriching environment for strong spatial, vocabulary and other skill development as well as a raft of peers to learn with. Additionally, Purple Sage Elem Pre-K takes an arts-based educational approach, giving students exposure to the visual arts, music, movement and storytelling. Arts-based educational approaches value the process of creation over the end product and focus on building student confidence through the emotional satisfaction that comes with creating something personal. Through hands-on experience in a variety of mediums and exploration with peers and staff, students gain a unique blend of emotional, intellectual, creative and motor skills.

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