Steiner Ranch YMCA

Steiner Ranch YMCA

4001 N Quinlan Park Rd Austin, TX


Ages served

5 yrs - 12 yrs


2:30pm - 6:30pm


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Program details

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About Steiner Ranch YMCA

Steiner Ranch YMCA is a center-based early care and education program for the students and families of Austin. Attending centers like Steiner Ranch YMCA can benefit students who’re ready for a school-like environment, rich in activities, resources and opportunities to learn and grow, but don’t want to sacrifice on the close relationships with peers and staff that you’d expect from any child care provider. Students at Steiner Ranch YMCA join a community of learners that will explore, play and grow together. Steiner Ranch YMCA moreover offers a full-time schedule, making it convenient for parents to drop their children off in the morning and know they’ll have plenty of time for everything else in the day they need to take care of. With a full-time schedule, as well, teachers and staff have the luxury of getting to know students in-depth, day in and day out. Parents can have the confidence that their children are growing, learning and playing in a structured environment. In addition, Steiner Ranch YMCA takes a play-based approach to child development and education. Play-based curriculums emphasize students having the independence to explore their own interests at the time, be they creative, constructional, observational or artistic, and emphasize students being hands-on and natural with their activities. Staff at play-based curriculums take an active role in the discovery and learning process, encouraging students to dig in, explore, and cooperate with their peers to create the world around them.

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