The Magellan International School

The Magellan International School

7938 Great Northern Blvd. Austin, TX

Preschools, Center

Ages served

4 yrs - 13 yrs


7:30am - 6pm


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Enrichment activities

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About The Magellan International School

Prepare for the years ahead with enrollment at The Magellan International School! The Magellan International School is a center-based early care and education provider based in Austin. Centers like The Magellan International School educate the whole child in a school-like environment that can help prepare students for formal school down the road. Parents will find enriching activities and a curriculum to grow spatial, vocabulary and others skills at a school like The Magellan International School along with a community of peers of similar ages. With a full-time schedule, as well, The Magellan International School allows parents to work and assume other responsibilities while their children are playing and learning amongst their peers. Children have the opportunity to get used to the natural rhythms of a daily structured learning environment with a full-time schedule, which can help smooth the transition into kindergarten and future education. The full-time schedule allows plenty of opportunities for creativity and fun, too, as the day always feels too short when you’re having fun!

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Team & training

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