Trinity Child Development Center

Trinity Child Development Center

5801 Westminster Dr Austin, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 13 yrs


7am - 6pm


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About Trinity Child Development Center

Trinity Child Development Center purposefully focuses on the developmental levels and needs of young children. We recognize the essential connection between social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language, creative and spiritual development as parts of each individual. We honor and celebrate diversity and uniqueness of each individual, and plan for differences in abilities, interests, learning styles and experience. Our desire is be an important link in a communal group of organizations, working to establish strong roots for children and a feeling of community for their families by offering the best quality and most affordable care possible. We envision a world where young children are given priority by the adult community around them and where families of all economic circumstances have equal access to quality early care and education for their young children. The hundreds of parents who are on waiting lists for subsidized child care find safe, educational, high quality care for their children. Society and individuals alike affirm the importance of a strong early foundation and of quality interactions between young children and the adults in their lives. We also envision a world where child care teachers and staff are given respect, education, and compensation that are commensurate with the importance of their work.

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