Wee Wisdom School

Wee Wisdom School

9905 Anderson Mill Rd Austin, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

12 mos - 13 yrs


8:30am - 2pm


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About Wee Wisdom School

Wee Wisdom School can be an instrumental part of the learning journey for the students and families of Austin. Wee Wisdom School is a center-based early care and education program, and as a center provides that school-like environment that’s structured for students to learn, grow and thrive. This environment can help prepare students for the levels ahead and kindergarten. As a center, as well, Wee Wisdom School has the space and resources for activities, an enriching curriculum and plenty of peers of similar ages for students to learn and laugh with. With the after-school program at Wee Wisdom School, Austin parents can furthermore get the benefits of continue supervised programming for their children beyond traditional care hours. The after-school program at Wee Wisdom School gives students extra time to socialize, cooperate and learn with peers, more structured learning time and another community for students to benefits from, all the while giving parents the extra time they need to wrap up with work or take care of other responsibilities. Additionally, Wee Wisdom School takes an arts-based educational approach, giving students exposure to the visual arts, music, movement and storytelling. Arts-based educational approaches value the process of creation over the end product and focus on building student confidence through the emotional satisfaction that comes with creating something personal. Through hands-on experience in a variety of mediums and exploration with peers and staff, students gain a unique blend of emotional, intellectual, creative and motor skills.

Safety features & procedures

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