A Kids Agenda

A Kids Agenda

4103 Century Road Baltimore, MD

Daycare & Child Care, In Home

Ages served

12 mos - 5 yrs


7am - 5:30pm


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About A Kids Agenda

Little People Building Big Dreams. We educate and enrich the whole child, build on a child’s innate curiosity, provide early exposure to concepts that reinforce a strong foundation, support self-learning, and encourage lifelong learners. At our school we believe learning is a journey of exploration and discovery through a child’s experiences and abilities he or she bring to the learning process. We teach the concepts of language arts, health, social studies, science, technology, engineering, art, math, character building and early literacy through our play-based, inquiry-based, teacher-guided, well-structured activities, and child-led curriculum. We use the interests, ideas and curiosity of children as a launch pad on the way to a learning venture. The materials are age appropriate, open-ended, conducive to all learning styles, and opens doors for group activities and peer communication. Our curriculum helps children learn. It is relevant and keeps up with a changing world. It creates and reflect culture and identity. Our curriculum inspires children to learn through critical thinking and investigating questions and problem solving. Our classroom is firmly built on a foundation of respect, health, well-being, and a school readiness pathway. We hold child identity protection, cleanliness and safety, professionalism, open and honest communication, highly trained caregivers, and a positive atmosphere in high regard. We hope to inspire children to gain a lifelong love of learning. Today’s wise investment in our children is fuel for their success: http://www.AKidsAgenda.comI believe all children represent our future and hold our hopes for a better tomorrow.It is profitable for everyone in society when children succeed.They are the future workers, parents, homeowners, entrepreneurs, and community members.​I believe all children can learn and will learn and excel when exposed to experiences that strengthen, challenge, and support them. It is my hope to motivate children to meet challenges, accomplish goals, and make the most of their abilities.

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