All My Angels Childcare

All My Angels Childcare

4208 Frederick Avenue Baltimore, MD

Daycare & Child Care, In Home

Ages served

Up to 10 yrs


7am - 5pm


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About All My Angels Childcare

“PLAY is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning.” - Fred Rogers All My Angel’s Childcare philosophy is to provide a safe, loving, nurturing, educational environment for children ages six (6 )weeks to ten (10)years old. Every child in our program will be treated with respect, and dignity, feel safe and secure, have opportunities for enjoying learning activities and experiences through play, develop decision-making skills, and build social interaction with their peers and staff members. Here at All My Angel's Childcare, LLC, we strive to prepare our children to be leaders of the world. Ms. Shwanquana Owens is a Licensed Childcare Provider for more than 20 years. My program is Maryland Credential at Level 5, and Level 2 with Maryland Excels. All My Angel's Childcare, LLC's slogan is "Play" for children is serious "Learning". We celebrate birthdays and special holidays. The staff teaches the children concepts of math, science, engineering, art, social sciences, and early literacy through our play-based, child-led curriculum. We use the interests and ideas of the children as a jumping-off place. The materials are open-ended and invite discovery. Children make their own investigations and draw their own conclusions whenever possible. Our philosophy at All My Angel’s Childcare is that every child can develop physically, social-emotionally, and cognitively properly in the age-appropriate environment we provide. We are committed to ensuring that your child learns in a warm, loving, safe, and nurturing environment every day in our care. Our staff's main goal is to work collaboratively with classroom teachers, center administration, family advocates, and family members to implement a play-based curriculum, to achieve a positive outcome for children of all abilities or disabilities. As well as ensure the successful operation of the whole program. We believe by providing your child with a play-based curriculum, your child will be provided with many learning experiences and activities to reach their full educational potential. All My Angel’s Childcare believes that every child should be allowed to bring their unique ways, to our program, and our staff will work to support your child's learning growth and developmental needs. Every child and family deserves the opportunity to experience an engaging early childhood education with diverse abilities and disabilities, as well as those from all socio-economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

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