Active Learning Center

Active Learning Center

2601 Hazel Ct Denver, CO

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

3 yrs - 5 yrs


7:30am - 5:30pm


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Program details

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About Active Learning Center

There’s nothing more important than quality education and care for your child, and Active Learning Center can be the next step for Denver parents looking for that right fit. Active Learning Center hosts students in a center-based setting, which provides the best of a school-like environment to prep students for the more formal years ahead alongside the hands-on care and attention you’d expect from quality child care. Students at Active Learning Center experience manifold socialization opportunities with peers of similar ages. With a full-time schedule, Active Learning Center also can provide the care that Denver parents need. Full-time means that students get the best of repeated daily instruction with non-family adults and peers of similar ages. Students will see their development and learning skills grow quickly in an environment that’ll set them up well for the years ahead! Parents get the benefit, too, of enrolling their children in a learning community all the while having the large time blocks to spend at work or on other responsibilities. In addition, Active Learning Center offers an emergent curriculum that seeks to guide learning via a student’s own interests and skills. The emergent curriculum is centered around what piques student curiosity, enabling students to explore and discover around those interests and guides their development along the way through a high level of teach observation and support. Students at Active Learning Center will get to study topics in-depth, interact at length with the world around them and cooperate with peers in building and constructing their own environments.

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