Blessed Sacrament School

Blessed Sacrament School

1973 Elm St Denver, CO


Ages served

5 yrs - 12 yrs


7:30am - 4pm


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Enrichment activities

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About Blessed Sacrament School

The first few years are a joy to behold and the learning and fun that happen within them is formative for success ahead! Blessed Sacrament School is a center-based child care provider serving children, parents and families in Denver. Centers like Blessed Sacrament School are popular choices with families that value getting the best of early educational enrichment, in the form of stimulating activities and a peer set of similarly-aged children, along with an environment that feels like formal school and can help smooth the transition ahead. The full-time schedule at Blessed Sacrament School is also here for you and your child. A full-time schedule gives students the full opportunity for social, behavioral, language and cognitive development. Students will play, interact and laugh with other students their own ages on a daily basis and get the benefits of a dedicated, structured environment. Parents get a real community for their children and the time away to work and take care of other tasks! Students at Blessed Sacrament School will also experience a nature-focused, outdoors-oriented learning approach that emphasizes an early and often connection to the environment and natural world. Learning approaches like this embrace the role that active, outside play can take in shaping independence, appropriate risk-taking, and creative self-expression for children. The outdoors can be a place of joy and wonder in childhood, and stimulating that wonder in children can have positive lifelong benefits and be a boon for physical and emotional health.

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Team & training

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