Colorado Christian Enrichment Center

Colorado Christian Enrichment Center

200 S University Blvd Denver, CO

Daycare & Child Care, Center

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7am - 6pm


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About Colorado Christian Enrichment Center

The next step in your child’s learning journey just might be Colorado Christian Enrichment Center! Colorado Christian Enrichment Center welcomes the families of Denver with a center-based setting where students can learn, laugh, play and grow alongside peers of similar ages and non-family adults that specialize in developing the learning skills critical for the years ahead. Center-based environments like at Colorado Christian Enrichment Center are popular choices with families that value a school-like environment and the socialization opportunities that come with a strong peer set! The benefit of a full-time schedule for children, too, can be dramatic! In a structured, repeated learning environment, students will play with the same peers, get familiar with the same staff and experience something new every day. The full-time schedule at Colorado Christian Enrichment Center offers families these things for their children in an environment that’ll soon become a real community. Parents get the advantages of long blocks of time to work while students will grow their social, behavioral and cognitive skills. Students at Colorado Christian Enrichment Center will also experience an arts-based curriculum that emphasizes how engagement with visual arts, dance, music and storytelling can develop the whole child. Children at an arts-based curriculum make with their hands, learn from staff and peers and take their creations from inception to finish. Through this engagement with the arts, students will develop a unique bend of social, emotional, motor and intellectual skills that will serve them well as they transition to more academic-based environments in the future.

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