DPS Discovery Link @ C3

DPS Discovery Link @ C3

1551 S Monroe St Denver, CO


Ages served

4 yrs - 14 yrs




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About DPS Discovery Link @ C3

Dps Discovery Link @ C3 is a center-based early care and education program for the students and families of Denver. Attending centers like Dps Discovery Link @ C3 can benefit students who’re ready for a school-like environment, rich in activities, resources and opportunities to learn and grow, but don’t want to sacrifice on the close relationships with peers and staff that you’d expect from any child care provider. Students at Dps Discovery Link @ C3 join a community of learners that will explore, play and grow together. Dps Discovery Link @ C3 likewise affords Denver parents a full-time schedule for their children to enjoy. Full-time means children get the full benefits of a structured learning environment for them to explore, play, and laugh with their peers and get the most out of what the wide world of learning has to offer! Children will form close bonds with each other and parents benefit from having enrolled their children in a community while they spend time away. Dps Discovery Link @ C3 also offers an outdoors, nature-focused curriculum that emphasizes student connection with the natural world. Nature-focused curriculums seek to stimulate the imagination, wonder and delight that comes with being outdoors and playing in a multi-sensory environment. Playing outside is one of the great joys of childhood, and schools like Dps Discovery Link @ C3 believe that nurturing that joy in a safe, supervised space promotes freedom of expression, independence and appropriate risk-taking that builds student confidence and well-being.

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