DPS ECE Ellis School

DPS ECE Ellis School

1651 S Dahlia St Denver, CO

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

3 yrs - 5 yrs


7:45am - 3pm


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About DPS ECE Ellis School

Dps Ece Ellis School is a center-based child care option for the parents and families of Denver. Students at Dps Ece Ellis School will benefit from the stable, school-like learning environment that replicates the best of what students will experience in the years ahead without asking too much of the little ones too quickly. At a center like Dps Ece Ellis School, students will benefit as well from the manifold socialization opportunities that come with having so many peers of similar ages and an enriching, stimulating curriculum. Dps Ece Ellis School moreover offers a full-time schedule, making it convenient for parents to drop their children off in the morning and know they’ll have plenty of time for everything else in the day they need to take care of. With a full-time schedule, as well, teachers and staff have the luxury of getting to know students in-depth, day in and day out. Parents can have the confidence that their children are growing, learning and playing in a structured environment. In addition, Dps Ece Ellis School takes a project-based educational approach that seeks to unlock the very best of student creativity and natural curiosity. A project-based curriculum focused on deep, in-depth instruction and exposure to a topical area and doesn’t rush the topic to conform to timelines or enforce limits on student interactivity. Students at Dps Ece Ellis School will take risks, collaborate together and cooperatively solve challenges that arise during the course of their projects, instilling both a love of learning and a love of working together to achieve their goals.

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