Foothills Park & Recreation Indoor Sports

Foothills Park & Recreation Indoor Sports

3606 Independence St Denver, CO


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About Foothills Park & Recreation Indoor Sports

For the parents, families and students of Denver, Foothills Park & Recreation Indoor Sports offers center-based early care and education that’ll both care for students and their needs now and prepare them for the years ahead! Foothills Park & Recreation Indoor Sports’s center-based environment enables a strong and structured learning culture, with the enriching curriculum and activities for students that stimulate the brain and their curiosity. Students will benefit from the socialization opportunities that come from interacting with peers of similar ages and non-family adults that’re professionals in the early education space. Denver parents also have the opportunity to enroll in a full-time schedule at Foothills Park & Recreation Indoor Sports. The full-time schedule gives students the maximum opportunity to learn in a structured, professional environment, around adults they’ll form close bonds with and peers they'll learn, play and laugh with! The full-time schedule also allows parents to have those precious large, repeated blocks of time to work and get things done while their children are cared for in a learning environment. Foothills Park & Recreation Indoor Sports teaches a play-based curriculum that values self-directed, interactive, intuitive learning by and for children. Students at play-based schools get the opportunity to participate in theme-based, hands-on activities with staff that facilitate and direct the discovery process. Through these hands-on activities, students develop social, cognitive and emotional skills built through the cooperation process with their peers. A play-based approach also can spark a love of learning that will be foundational for students throughout their early years of formal school.

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