Highlands Academy

Highlands Academy

2860 N Speer Blvd Denver, CO

Daycare & Child Care, Center

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7am - 6pm


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About Highlands Academy

Highlands Academy might just be the right next step for your little one’s tiny feet! Highlands Academy hosts early care and education for the families of Denver in a center-based facility that provides the best of a structured environment and the best of a community of like learners. As a center, Highlands Academy can provides a bevy of resources, opportunities and expertise that smaller provides may not be able to. At Highlands Academy you’ll see children grew their spatial, vocabulary and other skills in leaps and bounds. In addition, a full-time early education and care schedule for children supports structured learning, cognitive development and social skills - and that’s what Denver parents can get at Highlands Academy! Highlands Academy provides a full-time program, which allows parents the time they need away to work and affords children the opportunities to learn, laugh, explore, play and get used to longer days. Children will enjoy a community with others their own ages and develop behavioral and social skills in Highlands Academy’s learning environment.

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