Little Explorers Preschool

Little Explorers Preschool

2401 Alcott St Denver, CO

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About Little Explorers Preschool

Little Explorers Preschool is a center-based early care and education provider for the students, parents and families of Denver. As a center, Little Explorers Preschool provides that strong environment of structure and stability for students to learn and the enrichment resources and opportunities to ensure that every student can find something to set their imaginations on fire. Centers like Little Explorers Preschool are popular choices for parents that don’t want to compromise on education but also want to enjoy the community that comes with strong peers sets and experienced staff. In addition, Little Explorers Preschool conveniently proffers a full-time schedule, helpful for busy working parents that want their children to have the best when they need to be apart. Children at Little Explorers Preschool benefit from the full-time schedule too as the dedicated time to be amongst their peers promotes growth, development and stimulates creativity and learning. The structure during the day gives children many opportunities to be themselves, play, explore, and have all manners of fun, all in a day! Little Explorers Preschool teaches a play-based curriculum that values self-directed, interactive, intuitive learning by and for children. Students at play-based schools get the opportunity to participate in theme-based, hands-on activities with staff that facilitate and direct the discovery process. Through these hands-on activities, students develop social, cognitive and emotional skills built through the cooperation process with their peers. A play-based approach also can spark a love of learning that will be foundational for students throughout their early years of formal school.

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