Pinehurst County Club

Pinehurst County Club

6255 W Quincy Avenue Denver, CO


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About Pinehurst County Club

Prepare for the years ahead with enrollment at Pinehurst County Club! Pinehurst County Club is a center-based early care and education provider based in Denver. Centers like Pinehurst County Club educate the whole child in a school-like environment that can help prepare students for formal school down the road. Parents will find enriching activities and a curriculum to grow spatial, vocabulary and others skills at a school like Pinehurst County Club along with a community of peers of similar ages. Additionally, Pinehurst County Club takes a nature-focused educational approach that both teaches the value and appreciation of the outdoors alongside stimulating the joy and wonder that comes with playing outside. Students at Pinehurst County Club will get time outside to explore, play, and connect with the natural world, all in a supervised space that encourages appropriate risk-taking and hands-on self-expression. Connecting with the natural world at an early age can increase student well-being, confidence, and deepen an appreciation for those things external to themselves.

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