Positive Alternative Preschool & Childcare

Positive Alternative Preschool & Childcare

8085 E Hampden Ave Denver, CO

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

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Ages served

Up to 13 yrs

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6:30am - 6pm

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Program Type

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools

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About Positive Alternative Preschool & Childcare

Positive Alternative Preschool & Childcare offers early childhood care and education in a center-based facility in Denver. Students and families at Positive Alternative Preschool & Childcare will get the best of a school-like environment that both provides the structure and stability for learning to flourish and the soft introduction for students to formal school in the years to come. As a center, Positive Alternative Preschool & Childcare also has the space, resources and opportunities for enrichment and educational activities alongside the empathetic and caring relationships that will benefit students for years ahead. With a full-time schedule, Positive Alternative Preschool & Childcare further provides the best for the most formative years! Children at Positive Alternative Preschool & Childcare have an environment where day in and day out they can learn something new and explore with their peers. Parents will have a front-row seat to all the learning and cognitive development that comes with the stimulation of a full-time schedule. The full-time schedule also provides a real community for families, as children get to know each other well!

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