Krystal's Home Care

Krystal's Home Care

11624 Tall Pines Drive Germantown, MD

Daycare & Child Care, In Home

Ages served

1 mos - 13 yrs


7am - 5:30pm


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About Krystal's Home Care

Learn and Grow with Care! Krystal home care, was born from the need to offer a safe place for our children where speaking another language is not a barrier and they feel a family atmosphere, where the essential is care and learning through play, and above all teaching children to be independent and that can grow in skills. Krystal's Home Care LLC also supports families. We enrich the life of every child in our through a curricular design that promotes their cognitive, social, emotional, language and physical development. The advertising materials of the activities used in the program are receptive and respectful. of children and families native languages and cultural backgrounds. Encourage children to seek answers to their questions, develop problem-solving skills. At KRYSTAL'S HOME CARE LLC. We believe that the environment is important in early childhood as it gives children the opportunity to interact with their peers in a developmentally appropriate environment. We see a balance between child-initiated activities that allow them to explore, create, and express themselves independently, and the teacher just guiding children's learning, especially when trying something new. thus there is a greater acceptance by children of all abilities. We carefully plan our space to meet the needs of the children who use this space, through stations that can be visited, explored and reviewed over and over again, providing opportunities for children to begin their own learning. taking into account levels of development, ages, interests, cultures, abilities and abilities. We try to identify the different needs, interests and capabilities of each child. We provide a safe and supportive environment for all children, including children with special health care needs or disabilities in our care. We work with children who have special needs, always trying to understand their special needs, and make appropriate adaptations to the environment to support their learning and development. For us, each child has a unique personality and special abilities. That's why we work on the strengths and abilities of each child and we can make modifications and configurations according to your needs.

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