Milestone Kiddies Daycare

Milestone Kiddies Daycare

7713 Clay Bridge Court Handover, MD

Daycare & Child Care, In Home

Ages served

3 mos - 11 yrs


7am - 5pm


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About Milestone Kiddies Daycare

My goal is to have all the children in my care have a fun day where they are learning and playing while making new friends. I want your child to feel like this is their second home, and to feel safe and comfortable. I will provide them with lots of love and attention along with fun daily activities to help them learn and grow. Children learn through play; therefore, I provide a variety of experience to expand their cognitive thinking. I provide needed time to explore, and the opportunities to express themselves creatively. My program focuses on giving every child the freedom to explore while providing them with the structure they will need once school begins. Transitioning from staying at home with parents to being away from them all day surrounded by people they don’t know can be scary for kids; my preschool programs are designed to make their time simpler and smoother. Getting them used to a structured environment and temporary parental separation now can make a significant difference and give parents peace of mind when it is time for their children to go to school.

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