Kingwood Montessori School

Kingwood Montessori School

2510 Mills Branch Dr Ste 10 Kingwood, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Center

Ages served

5 yrs - 13 yrs


7am - 6pm


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About Kingwood Montessori School

We are a group comprised of Montessori professionals, teachers, staff and parents, who have created a school based on a powerful common vision, a love of the community of Kingwood and plan for all children to assist in creating a new, vibrant, and peaceful world. Montessori education is about the journey of lifelong learning and is not a destination in and of itself. Our school is based on the well established and rigorous Montessori Method. We exemplify multicultural education in our global community and we have the belief that the happiness of the child and peace in which they learn are the springboards for their success as future world leaders. We provide Montessori education for your child from Toddler (12 months) through Upper Elementary (6th grade). The teachers of Kingwood Montessori School provide experiences that teach your child how to live “in the now”, prepare for the “future”, and understand and value the “past”. We understand that our living and the quality of it in every moment is worth more than any preparation or reflection on it. Our school believes that a life lived fully, each day, with rich experiences, love, kindness, courtesy to others, while imagining and dreaming with the community about the future, is no longer in the realms of the “alternative”. Students will be taught to dream big.

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