Life's Little Blessings

Life's Little Blessings

10911 Sabo Rd Houston, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 5 yrs


6:30am - 6:30pm


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About Life's Little Blessings

Life’s Little Blessings is an early child development center. We strive to offer the best in early education for infants, toddlers, early pre-school, pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten. Our on-site facility has child appropriate classrooms and curriculum, loving experienced teachers and a wonderful environment for your early learners. We also offer before and after school transportation and care for your school age child in our neighboring public schools. We have recently been selected to participate in the Texas School Ready Project, a three-year program, designed for children ages 3 to 5 years. This project delivers an effective, high-quality, early childhood approach for all pre-kinder students. Our three PRE-K Classrooms have been equipped with researched based, professionally created curriculum, ongoing teacher training, progress monitoring of each child and one on one mentoring of our teachers.

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