Lil Ones Daycare Emporium 3

Lil Ones Daycare Emporium 3

4646 Victory Dr Houston, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 13 yrs


5am - 8pm


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About Lil Ones Daycare Emporium 3

There’s nothing more important than quality education and care for your child, and Lil Ones Daycare Emporium 3 can be the next step for Houston parents looking for that right fit. Lil Ones Daycare Emporium 3 hosts students in a center-based setting, which provides the best of a school-like environment to prep students for the more formal years ahead alongside the hands-on care and attention you’d expect from quality child care. Students at Lil Ones Daycare Emporium 3 experience manifold socialization opportunities with peers of similar ages. Lil Ones Daycare Emporium 3 further has an after-school schedule that offers structured learning programs and care beyond the traditional school hours. Houston parents get the flexibility they may enjoy to wrap up responsibilities and get things done while their children benefit from Lil Ones Daycare Emporium 3’s extension of learning that can be an asset for the years to come. Students get more socialization with peers, as well, in a different community which can help build confidence, build social and behavioral skills, and provide more relationships to enjoy. Lil Ones Daycare Emporium 3 also teaches a language immersion curriculum, fully immersing students in the learning of a foreign language in a natural way! Students at Lil Ones Daycare Emporium 3 will experience subjects, activities, exercises and play all in a foreign language, rather than a language being taught as a separate subject. Language immersion has been shown to be a fantastic method to help expand students’ horizons and inculcate language abilities at a time where students’ cognitive abilities are taking off.

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