Montessori Country Day School #3

Montessori Country Day School #3

5116 Caroline St Houston, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

3 yrs - 13 yrs


7am - 6pm


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Program details

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About Montessori Country Day School #3

There’s nothing more important than quality education and care for your child, and Montessori Country Day School #3 can be the next step for Houston parents looking for that right fit. Montessori Country Day School #3 hosts students in a center-based setting, which provides the best of a school-like environment to prep students for the more formal years ahead alongside the hands-on care and attention you’d expect from quality child care. Students at Montessori Country Day School #3 experience manifold socialization opportunities with peers of similar ages. The full-time schedule at Montessori Country Day School #3 likewise gives parents who want their children to learn and grow as much as possible to do just that! The full-time schedule gives children the opportunity to form in-depth bonds with their classmates and the adults at Montessori Country Day School #3 and the opportunity to feel a part of a real community outside of the home. Children will play, grow, laugh and learn day in, day out, and with a repeated, structured learning environment, they’ll be well set up for what’s ahead. Montessori Country Day School #3 also offers a Montessori curriculum to students and families. A Montessori curriculum emphasizes independence, discovery, self-discipline and self-motivation for students, with educational philosophy roots dating back over one hundred years. Montessori schools like Montessori Country Day School #3 will often have specific Montessori learning standards and learning materials to ensure best practices and consistency with time-honored Montessori methods, as well as a Montessori-inspired environment that’s clean, orderly and harmonious, crafted to allow students to move, interact and self-construct their learning space.

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