My Kid's Daycare

My Kid's Daycare

12280 Westheimer Road Suite 50 Houston, TX

Preschools, Daycare & Child Care, Center

Ages served

1 mos - 12 yrs


6am - 7pm


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About My Kid's Daycare

Individuals in the area looking for a licensed daycare that provides a safe and secure environment for children while parents and guardians are away can count on My Kid's Daycare. We are a leading daycare facility in the area to allow parents and caregivers to work or participate in other mandatory activities while their children participate in a range of educational and social building activities. Our professional team of caregivers strives to ensure each child has the individualized attention and services they need to feel comfortable and benefit from their time with us. Please take some time to browse through the website to get more details about available program options or use the contact information to reach us directly. Parents and guardians are also encouraged to stop by to speak to a staff member directly who can also help them with the registration process.

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