Sherwood Forest Montessori

Sherwood Forest Montessori

1331 Sherwood Forest Houston, TX

Preschools, Center

Ages served

4 yrs - 12 yrs


7am - 6pm


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About Sherwood Forest Montessori

Sherwood Forest Montessori proffers early care and education programs in a center setting in Houston. As a center, Sherwood Forest Montessori provides a structured, stable environment day in and day out that parents can count on. This school-like learning arena at Sherwood Forest Montessori can help prepare students for formal school but also make the most of today, with all the resources and opportunities to explore the world around them and the peer set that provides abundant socialization opportunities. In addition, Sherwood Forest Montessori conveniently proffers a full-time schedule, helpful for busy working parents that want their children to have the best when they need to be apart. Children at Sherwood Forest Montessori benefit from the full-time schedule too as the dedicated time to be amongst their peers promotes growth, development and stimulates creativity and learning. The structure during the day gives children many opportunities to be themselves, play, explore, and have all manners of fun, all in a day! Sherwood Forest Montessori also offers a Montessori curriculum to students and families. A Montessori curriculum emphasizes independence, discovery, self-discipline and self-motivation for students, with educational philosophy roots dating back over one hundred years. Montessori schools like Sherwood Forest Montessori will often have specific Montessori learning standards and learning materials to ensure best practices and consistency with time-honored Montessori methods, as well as a Montessori-inspired environment that’s clean, orderly and harmonious, crafted to allow students to move, interact and self-construct their learning space.

Safety features & procedures

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