St. Thomas' Episcopal Preschool

St. Thomas' Episcopal Preschool

4900 Jackwood St Houston, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

12 mos - 13 yrs


7:30am - 5pm


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About St. Thomas' Episcopal Preschool

St. Thomas' Episcopal Preschool is a provider of early education and care for the students and families of Houston. As a center-based facility, St. Thomas' Episcopal Preschool provides the best of a school-like environment, which can help smooth the transition for students to formal school one day in the future, and the best of a community of student peers and professional staff to help inspire and support the learning journey. Centers like St. Thomas' Episcopal Preschool can benefit students with their resources, opportunities, and activities for enrichment and learning. With a full-time schedule, St. Thomas' Episcopal Preschool further provides the best for the most formative years! Children at St. Thomas' Episcopal Preschool have an environment where day in and day out they can learn something new and explore with their peers. Parents will have a front-row seat to all the learning and cognitive development that comes with the stimulation of a full-time schedule. The full-time schedule also provides a real community for families, as children get to know each other well! Additionally, St. Thomas' Episcopal Preschool takes an arts-based educational approach, giving students exposure to the visual arts, music, movement and storytelling. Arts-based educational approaches value the process of creation over the end product and focus on building student confidence through the emotional satisfaction that comes with creating something personal. Through hands-on experience in a variety of mediums and exploration with peers and staff, students gain a unique blend of emotional, intellectual, creative and motor skills.

Safety features & procedures

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