Stem Academy

Stem Academy

5434 Reed Rd Houston, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 13 yrs


5am - 8pm


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Program details

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About Stem Academy

Stem Academy might just be the right next step for your little one’s tiny feet! Stem Academy hosts early care and education for the families of Houston in a center-based facility that provides the best of a structured environment and the best of a community of like learners. As a center, Stem Academy can provides a bevy of resources, opportunities and expertise that smaller provides may not be able to. At Stem Academy you’ll see children grew their spatial, vocabulary and other skills in leaps and bounds. With a full-time schedule, Stem Academy further provides what parents want in care and education. Full-time care allows students to get the best of a real community outside of the home - chock full of learning, laughter, play and fun - with the strength of a structured program and structured day that’ll benefit them down the road. Parents get the time they need to work while watching their children grow leaps and bounds in language and cognitive development. Stem Academy also offers a technology curriculum that helps prepare students early for the twenty-first century. Students will experience hands-on technology activities that develop their creativity, initiative and natural curiosity, all through a lens of the tools and media that will only grow in importance in their lives in the years to come. Interacting with technology in a structured curriculum will also help students view technology as a medium through which to explore and discover rather than just a means to passively consume entertainment.

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