The Kindle School In The Heights Inc.

The Kindle School In The Heights Inc.

5317 Darling St Houston, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 13 yrs


7am - 6:30pm


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About The Kindle School In The Heights Inc.

The Kindle School In The Heights Inc hosts early child care and education in a center-based environment in Houston. As a center, The Kindle School In The Heights Inc provides a structured, stable environment that’s optimized to provide students with the best of quality education alongside the empathetic care you’d expect from anyone watching children. Centers like The Kindle School In The Heights Inc are popular choices for parents that want the resources and enrichment opportunities for their children that can come at a larger facility but also value rich socialization with both peers and non-family adults. In addition, The Kindle School In The Heights Inc conveniently proffers a full-time schedule, helpful for busy working parents that want their children to have the best when they need to be apart. Children at The Kindle School In The Heights Inc benefit from the full-time schedule too as the dedicated time to be amongst their peers promotes growth, development and stimulates creativity and learning. The structure during the day gives children many opportunities to be themselves, play, explore, and have all manners of fun, all in a day! The Kindle School In The Heights Inc also teaches a language immersion curriculum, fully immersing students in the learning of a foreign language in a natural way! Students at The Kindle School In The Heights Inc will experience subjects, activities, exercises and play all in a foreign language, rather than a language being taught as a separate subject. Language immersion has been shown to be a fantastic method to help expand students’ horizons and inculcate language abilities at a time where students’ cognitive abilities are taking off.

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