Ymca Afterschool @ Woodson Elementary

Ymca Afterschool @ Woodson Elementary

10720 Southview St Houston, TX

Preschools, Center

Ages served

3 yrs - 13 yrs




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About Ymca Afterschool @ Woodson Elementary

Ymca Afterschool @ Woodson Elementary is a provider of early education and care for the students and families of Houston. As a center-based facility, Ymca Afterschool @ Woodson Elementary provides the best of a school-like environment, which can help smooth the transition for students to formal school one day in the future, and the best of a community of student peers and professional staff to help inspire and support the learning journey. Centers like Ymca Afterschool @ Woodson Elementary can benefit students with their resources, opportunities, and activities for enrichment and learning.

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