YMCA @ Bear Branch Elementary

YMCA @ Bear Branch Elementary

3500 Garden Lake Dr Kingwood, TX

Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 5 yrs


5am - 8pm


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Program details

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About YMCA @ Bear Branch Elementary

YMCA @ Bear Branch Elementary is a center-based early care and education provider for the students, parents and families of Houston. As a center, YMCA @ Bear Branch Elementary provides that strong environment of structure and stability for students to learn and the enrichment resources and opportunities to ensure that every student can find something to set their imaginations on fire. Centers like YMCA @ Bear Branch Elementary are popular choices for parents that don’t want to compromise on education but also want to enjoy the community that comes with strong peers sets and experienced staff. With the after-school program at YMCA @ Bear Branch Elementary, Houston parents can furthermore get the benefits of continue supervised programming for their children beyond traditional care hours. The after-school program at YMCA @ Bear Branch Elementary gives students extra time to socialize, cooperate and learn with peers, more structured learning time and another community for students to benefits from, all the while giving parents the extra time they need to wrap up with work or take care of other responsibilities. YMCA @ Bear Branch Elementary likewise takes a play-based approach to children's development and learning, facilitating education through interactive, hands-on activities that get children moving. Play-based environments structure their spaces to encourage students to move with independence, passion and explore at their own direction. Staff in these environments encourage and galvanize students to lean into their interests and build their own worlds in cooperation with their peers, and students gain cooperative, social and emotional skills as a result of this community.

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