Al-Dhaif Family Child Care

Al-Dhaif Family Child Care

22345 Mandell St West Hills, CA

Daycare & Child Care, In Home

Ages served

Up to 6 yrs


6:30am - 6pm


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About Al-Dhaif Family Child Care

Loving, educational and enriching early child care is incredibly important and Al-Dhaif Family Child Care knows how much that matters to parents. Al-Dhaif Family Child Care hosts child care in a small, in-home setting, which can familiar, comfortable and cozy for students, especially those that are spending significant time outside the home for the first time! In-home care like at Al-Dhaif Family Child Care can be popular with parents and families looking for tight parent and provider bonds and teamwork but also want the best of a learning environment around peers! Moreover, the full-time schedule at Al-Dhaif Family Child Care allows parents to get a structured learning environment for their children that’ll help develop cognitive and language skills during these most formative years. The full-time-schedule allows for full curriculums of play, fun and social time with peers and staff. Children will get to know their peers in-depth and form real bonds, which helps develop social and behavioral skills that’ll be important for kindergarten and the years ahead. Al-Dhaif Family Child Care also offers an outdoors, nature-focused curriculum that emphasizes student connection with the natural world. Nature-focused curriculums seek to stimulate the imagination, wonder and delight that comes with being outdoors and playing in a multi-sensory environment. Playing outside is one of the great joys of childhood, and schools like Al-Dhaif Family Child Care believe that nurturing that joy in a safe, supervised space promotes freedom of expression, independence and appropriate risk-taking that builds student confidence and well-being.

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