Cohen Family Child Care

Cohen Family Child Care

18755 Martha St Tarzana, CA

Daycare & Child Care, In Home

Ages served

Up to 6 yrs




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About Cohen Family Child Care

Cohen Family Child Care is an in-home early child care program in Los Angeles. With tight community, family-like environments and small group sizes, home-based child care like at Cohen Family Child Care can be a popular choice for parents and families, especially those looking to secure care for the first or second time outside of the family home. Home-based care also provides a real chance for children to bond with caregivers, as overall settings tend to be smaller than at child care centers, and parents and caregivers can really work as a team to deliver quality care for children. A full-time schedule for young children can additionally help children develop the social, behavioral and language skills that’ll help them succeed in the years to come. Cohen Family Child Care offers this schedule in a structured learning environment that’ll unlock the best that those precious early years have to offer. Children will play amongst peer of similar ages, learn from the same adults day in and day out, and explore the world around them. Parents will benefit from the community that comes with seeing the same faces every day, too!

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