Ecole-Claire Fontaine

Ecole-Claire Fontaine

1049 1051 Abbot Kinney Venice, CA

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

2 yrs - 7 yrs


8am - 6pm


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Program details

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About Ecole-Claire Fontaine

Ecole-Claire Fontaine is a provider of early education and care for the students and families of Los Angeles. As a center-based facility, Ecole-Claire Fontaine provides the best of a school-like environment, which can help smooth the transition for students to formal school one day in the future, and the best of a community of student peers and professional staff to help inspire and support the learning journey. Centers like Ecole-Claire Fontaine can benefit students with their resources, opportunities, and activities for enrichment and learning. Ecole-Claire Fontaine additionally provides a full-time schedule that allows parents and students to get the best out of early care and education. Full-time education offers that structured learning environment for skills to grow, growth to happen and play to abound! Students get the opportunity to form lasting bonds with children their own age and a true community with staff, all the while parents have those long blocks of time to provide for their little ones. Ecole-Claire Fontaine also teaches a language immersion curriculum, fully immersing students in the learning of a foreign language in a natural way! Students at Ecole-Claire Fontaine will experience subjects, activities, exercises and play all in a foreign language, rather than a language being taught as a separate subject. Language immersion has been shown to be a fantastic method to help expand students’ horizons and inculcate language abilities at a time where students’ cognitive abilities are taking off.

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