Faith Baptist School/Infants

Faith Baptist School/Infants

7644 Farralone Avenue Canoga Park, CA

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 17 yrs


7am - 6pm


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About Faith Baptist School/Infants

Faith Baptist School/Infants welcomes the students and families of Los Angeles to its center-based early child care and education facility. As a center, Faith Baptist School/Infants resembles the best of what students will get in the years ahead in structured schooling while maintaining the close community and relationships that’re instrumental in early childhood development. Attending a center benefits students as students will spend their days in a structured, stable environment that hones spatial, vocabulary and other skills with enriching curriculums and activities. Faith Baptist School/Infants has a full-time schedule that promotes community for the students and families that attend. Students will have the opportunity to get to know the same peers and adults, every day, and learn together in a structured environment. With plenty of opportunities to explore, play, and try new activities, students will grow their cognitive and language skills as well as their sense of wonder at the world around them. Parents will see their children’s social and behavioral development grow in leaps and bounds! Faith Baptist School/Infants also offers an International curriculum that set students up to change the world around them. Students at Faith Baptist School/Infants will receive a broad, worldly education that seeks to instruct in languages, culture and inculcate a deep appreciation for differences and diversity. Learning areas include creative arts, sciences, language arts, math and much, much more. Students will play and learn in a way that promotes critical thinking, self-awareness and preparation for a twenty-first century world.

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