Gardner Elementary School

Gardner Elementary School

7450 Hawthorne Avenue Room #15 Los Angeles, CA

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

2 yrs - 5 yrs




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About Gardner Elementary School

Gardner Elementary School is a center-based child care and early education facility serving the students and families of Los Angeles! As a center, Gardner Elementary School provides a school-like learning and enrichment environment that gives students a taste of what they’ll experience at more formal school in the years to come. Students at Gardner Elementary School are provided the socialization opportunities that come with peers of similar ages, the enrichment opportunities that come with a center’s resources and structure, and the community that comes with experienced staff. Gardner Elementary School likewise affords Los Angeles parents a full-time schedule for their children to enjoy. Full-time means children get the full benefits of a structured learning environment for them to explore, play, and laugh with their peers and get the most out of what the wide world of learning has to offer! Children will form close bonds with each other and parents benefit from having enrolled their children in a community while they spend time away.

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