Happy Preschool Land

Happy Preschool Land

15727 Vanowen Street Van Nuys, CA

Preschools, Center

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Ages served

3 yrs - 5 yrs

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6:30am - 6pm

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Program Type

Language Immersion

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About Happy Preschool Land

Prepare for the years ahead with enrollment at Happy Preschool Land! Happy Preschool Land is a center-based early care and education provider based in Los Angeles. Centers like Happy Preschool Land educate the whole child in a school-like environment that can help prepare students for formal school down the road. Parents will find enriching activities and a curriculum to grow spatial, vocabulary and others skills at a school like Happy Preschool Land along with a community of peers of similar ages. Moreover, the full-time schedule at Happy Preschool Land allows parents to get a structured learning environment for their children that’ll help develop cognitive and language skills during these most formative years. The full-time-schedule allows for full curriculums of play, fun and social time with peers and staff. Children will get to know their peers in-depth and form real bonds, which helps develop social and behavioral skills that’ll be important for kindergarten and the years ahead. Happy Preschool Land also teaches a language immersion curriculum, fully immersing students in the learning of a foreign language in a natural way! Students at Happy Preschool Land will experience subjects, activities, exercises and play all in a foreign language, rather than a language being taught as a separate subject. Language immersion has been shown to be a fantastic method to help expand students’ horizons and inculcate language abilities at a time where students’ cognitive abilities are taking off.

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