Henry Family Day Care

Henry Family Day Care

1075 Stonebryn Dr Harbor City, CA

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, In Home

Ages served

Up to 12 yrs


6am - 8pm


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Program details

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About Henry Family Day Care

Early care and education is incredibly important for child development and a home-based educational program like at Henry Family Day Care can be just the way to start the learning journey! At Henry Family Day Care, families will benefit from a family-like environment in an in-home setting. This setting can help facilitate a smooth transition for children into the educational world, as children benefit from a small setting and small group sizes but get the socialization and opportunities to explore the wider world. The full-time schedule at Henry Family Day Care is also here for you and your child. A full-time schedule gives students the full opportunity for social, behavioral, language and cognitive development. Students will play, interact and laugh with other students their own ages on a daily basis and get the benefits of a dedicated, structured environment. Parents get a real community for their children and the time away to work and take care of other tasks!

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