Kidsville U.S.A.

Kidsville U.S.A.

8472 Corbin Avenue Northridge, CA

Preschools, Center

Ages served

6 mos - 15 yrs


7am - 6pm


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About Kidsville U.S.A.

Kidsville U.S.A. hosts early child care and education in a center-based environment in Los Angeles. As a center, Kidsville U.S.A. provides a structured, stable environment that’s optimized to provide students with the best of quality education alongside the empathetic care you’d expect from anyone watching children. Centers like Kidsville U.S.A. are popular choices for parents that want the resources and enrichment opportunities for their children that can come at a larger facility but also value rich socialization with both peers and non-family adults. Los Angeles parents also have the opportunity to enroll in a full-time schedule at Kidsville U.S.A.. The full-time schedule gives students the maximum opportunity to learn in a structured, professional environment, around adults they’ll form close bonds with and peers they'll learn, play and laugh with! The full-time schedule also allows parents to have those precious large, repeated blocks of time to work and get things done while their children are cared for in a learning environment. In addition, Kidsville U.S.A. takes a play-based approach to child development and education. Play-based curriculums emphasize students having the independence to explore their own interests at the time, be they creative, constructional, observational or artistic, and emphasize students being hands-on and natural with their activities. Staff at play-based curriculums take an active role in the discovery and learning process, encouraging students to dig in, explore, and cooperate with their peers to create the world around them.

Safety features & procedures

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