Lac+Usc Employees' Children's Center

Lac+Usc Employees' Children's Center

1401 N. Mission Road Los Angeles, CA

Daycare & Child Care, Center

Ages served

Up to 2 yrs




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About Lac+Usc Employees' Children's Center

Lac+Usc Employees' Children's Center is a center-based child care option for the parents and families of Los Angeles. Students at Lac+Usc Employees' Children's Center will benefit from the stable, school-like learning environment that replicates the best of what students will experience in the years ahead without asking too much of the little ones too quickly. At a center like Lac+Usc Employees' Children's Center, students will benefit as well from the manifold socialization opportunities that come with having so many peers of similar ages and an enriching, stimulating curriculum.

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