Lycee International De Los Angeles

Lycee International De Los Angeles

4155 Russell Ave. Los Angeles, CA

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

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Ages served

2 yrs - 5 yrs

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Program Type

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools

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About Lycee International De Los Angeles

The first few years are a joy to behold and the learning and fun that happen within them is formative for success ahead! Lycee International De Los Angeles is a center-based child care provider serving children, parents and families in Los Angeles. Centers like Lycee International De Los Angeles are popular choices with families that value getting the best of early educational enrichment, in the form of stimulating activities and a peer set of similarly-aged children, along with an environment that feels like formal school and can help smooth the transition ahead. Los Angeles parents also have the opportunity to enroll in a full-time schedule at Lycee International De Los Angeles. The full-time schedule gives students the maximum opportunity to learn in a structured, professional environment, around adults they’ll form close bonds with and peers they'll learn, play and laugh with! The full-time schedule also allows parents to have those precious large, repeated blocks of time to work and get things done while their children are cared for in a learning environment.

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