Mary L.Gimenez-Caulder Center

Mary L.Gimenez-Caulder Center

670 W. 9th St. San Pedro, CA

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 6 yrs


6:30am - 6pm


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Program details

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About Mary L.Gimenez-Caulder Center

Mary L.Gimenez-Caulder Center can be the right fit for the families and children of Los Angeles! Mary L.Gimenez-Caulder Center hosts early child care and education in a center-based program, giving families the benefits of a structured, stable, enriching learning environment alongside the community that comes with student peers and staff devoted to child care and early education. Centers like Mary L.Gimenez-Caulder Center are a popular choice for families that are comfortable expanding a student’s horizons beyond the family home or an in-home setting and getting the opportunities to explore. In addition, a full-time schedule like the one at Mary L.Gimenez-Caulder Center can be perfect for families. Parents get the benefits of long time blocks away from little ones to be at work or get others things done, and students get the benefits of a structured, communal learning environment during the years most important to brain development. Full-time gives students the real opportunities to explore, play, laugh and develop the social and behavioral skills that’ll benefit them tremendously in the years to come. Additionally, Mary L.Gimenez-Caulder Center takes a nature-focused educational approach that both teaches the value and appreciation of the outdoors alongside stimulating the joy and wonder that comes with playing outside. Students at Mary L.Gimenez-Caulder Center will get time outside to explore, play, and connect with the natural world, all in a supervised space that encourages appropriate risk-taking and hands-on self-expression. Connecting with the natural world at an early age can increase student well-being, confidence, and deepen an appreciation for those things external to themselves.

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